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How far have you wandered, silent princess?
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yeaaah it is!

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What doesn’t kill you gives you XP.
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Jung Hoyeon and Min Joonki for FLUS Fall 2013 lookbook shot by Samuel
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Jung Hoyeon and Min Joonki for FLUS Fall 2013 lookbook shot by Samuel

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Dolce & Gabanna put out all these amazing heavily jeweled lady knight looks this season. I’m a sucker for armor and I loved how for a second they look somewhat normal, grounded by the super severe tailored dresses and cape frocks


Bad Ideas
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Bad Ideas

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A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: "Giant Woman"

Art Direction: Kevin Dart

Design: Sam Bosma

Paint: Elle Michalka, Jasmin Lai

These were, I think, the set of backgrounds where I felt like I finally hit my stride. It’s also one of my favorite episodes. 

Still can’t believe Elle and Jasmin deign to paint my stuff. And Guy Davis worked on this episode, too? Unreal.

I will strive for the rest of my days to put such love and detail into backgrounds

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I did this piece for The New Yorker, profiling an upcoming Wendy Whelan performance, but the show was cancelled so it never ran in the magazine.

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Here are a few of my backgrounds and the original designs from the second episode of Steven Universe. These were designed from storyboards by Rebecca Sugar and Kat Morris, painted by Elle Michalka and Amanda Winterstein. Liberally sprinkled with props by Angie Wang.  

Big ups to the other background designers, Steven Sugar and Emily Walrus, who did an amazing job! And thanks to Rebecca Sugar and Kevin Dart for bringing me on board!

Bouchra Jarrar Paris A/W Couture 2013
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Bouchra Jarrar Paris A/W Couture 2013

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((nice weather today))

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i shot an arrow into the air, pages 28-32

zine posting part 6